Remove backdoor access to 1:1 Relationship Guide in Hire?

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For clients with a Hire License ONLY, the 1:1 Relationship Guide is available between any two people in the organization as if they had an Inspire License.

We'll let someone else decide if this is important enough to patch up (or if it will become a moot point once the 2.0s are completely rolled out), but we noticed that on each Job Profile page there is an option to run the 1:1 Relationship Guide between a candidate and an existing employee/manager. If no candidate is selected on the JP page, any 2 employees can be selected.

Suggestion: We propose that this backdoor access be removed by requiring that a candidate be selected in order to access the Relationship Guide.

Under Consideration 1.0 2.0 Hire Suggested by: Scott Woodhill Upvoted: 15 Mar Comments: 0

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